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Sep 17, 2018
What is a Builder? Builders create the maps that AphelionMC players play on. Being a builder is a huge privilege and only the most skilled applicants will be accepted. If you want to be part of a team that works to make the experiences and views on AphelionMC, then this is the job for you.

To become a builder on AphelionMC, you need to follow this application process.
  1. What is your in-game name?
  2. What is your timezone?
  3. Have you used WorldEdit before? If so to what extent do you understand and know how to use these plugins?
  4. How active of a player are you?
  5. How long have you played on AphelionMC?
  6. What is your specialty? ( Organics, Terraforming, Structures, etc)
  7. What themes do you know how to build? (Oriental, Medieval, Steampunk, Gothic, etc)
  8. Why do you want to be a builder on AphelionMC?
  9. What makes you di-xf-list-type="ol">What makes you different from t"ol">What makes you different from the other applicants?
    • Why should we consider you as a builder for the team?
    • Pictures/Videos/Anything else to show off your builds:
To apply for a builder position you need to click [Create New Thread] in the builds sub-forum.
Title the trend [Name] Builder Application.
Follow the application format above.
Guidelines to follow for application builds:
- You must be the one who built it or at least 90% of it
- Each project must be a different style
- Each project must be nothing smaller than a 20x20 plot,
- Do not bother using a shader or a texture pack
- Try to be original
- If they are on our server, include where we can find them

Finally, click [Create Thread] to finish your application.
Builder vouches go a long way to getting you accepted!

Only builders are allowed to comment

Do not apply if:
- You want access to acreative
- You want to know about upcoming projects
- You do not have a genuine interest in building for the server
- You do not feel your building is at the same standard as other builders
- You copied (plagiarised) any of your builds; it will result in an instant deny

Additional information:

You are not allowed to bug staff members or builders about your application, it will be looked at. If you do this your application will most likely be denied.

Is there an age limit for applying?
There is no age limit when applying for the rank of Builder. We mostly focus on quality of builds, behavior in game and experience building.

Why did my application get denied?
This question gets asked frequently and the reason for a player's application getting denied is either because they copied their builds from tutorials, took their builds from maps off of PMC or didn't put enough effort into their builds. Or they just aren't skilled enough in general.

How many builds should I put on my application?
I get this asked a lot and the answer is quite simple. However many builds you can submit to show us that you're worthy of the position. Let's say your specialty is Terraforming, put like 5-10 builds by you personally to show us your skills in terraforming.

Is there any perks I get with the rank of Builder?
I can not tell you how many times I was asked: "Hey why don't you have /gm c?" or "Why can't you WorldEdit?" and the answer is that Builders do not get any special perks. There will be a dedicated server within that we do our builds on.

Is there any new maps coming soon?
This is asked quite often. Us Builders keep this sort of information private because if one player finds out chances are everyone else is going to find out. There's a reason why we don't share this information so that it builds the excitement of the players.

How come my app wasn't answered yet?
This usually doesn't take too long depending on how busy we are is. If it's been over 2 weeks and your app has still not been answered, don't stress. It'll eventually be responded to.

Note: If you have a current application it will be reviewed, but please change it to meet the new application format.
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