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    Vote Links

    In order to vote, Solve the puzzle and enter your username. You can only vote on each of these websites once per day! Vote Every Day! Thank you! Do not vote on the hub! You will not recieve a reward!
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    ===============Builder Application Info===============

    What is a Builder? Builders create the maps that AphelionMC players play on. Being a builder is a huge privilege and only the most skilled applicants will be accepted. If you want to be part of a team that works to make the experiences and views on AphelionMC, then this is the job for you. To...
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    Do not make a report here if it includes the following things: 1. Grief/animals killed (basically anything involving "the world") - instead make a /report on the server at the location 2. Donation problem - instead email PhanaticD: - Do NOT add a poll to your report. Ex...
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    ====================Server Lag====================

    There are 4 types of lag in two categories. Please read this post fully so that you can understand what the issue is and how it can be fixed Server Lag Performance lag - Symptoms include blocks re-appearing after mined, slow redstone, slow commands - if the tickrate from /gc or /tps is less...
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    ======== Suggestions ========

    Please copy and paste this format when posting a suggestion and also be detailed, do your research first before posting. Think of it like a persuasive essay from school. Only suggest one thing per thread, if you have multiple suggestions CREATE A THREAD PER SUGGESTION What is your suggestion? I...
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    ==================HOW TO APPEAL A BAN==================

    Before Submitting a ban appeal please make sure to read all of the following information Ban Appeal Submission Rules ======================================================================================================= -If you have already submitted a ban appeal, do not make a new thread...
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    Ban Appeal Commenting Rules

    The ban appeal section was left open to replies so players could provide input if needed. We do not need players to inform about format or tagging staff, nor do people need to comment supportively or negatively about the ban appeal. If you do not have something important to add to a ban appeal...
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    Staff Application Requirements

    To submit an Application, Please follow the format below. Requirements: Since we are a new server, The requirements are a little easy to follow right now. As time progresses I will update this post with the new requirements. 1. Been a Member+ For at least 2 Weeks on the server. 2. Be...
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    AphelionMC Discord Server

    A big part of playing any online game is being able to connect with friends, both in and out of the game. We are proud to announce that starting today the AphelionMC Discord server is launched! Discord is a fantastic app that is a combination of a lot of the things we offered before all under...
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    Rules that apply to AphelionMC Server and Website You agree to all rules when connecting or using AphelionMC or any affiliated resource, (Website, Discord, etc.) Do not discuss bans or punishments in chat Details: Punishment: Temporary Mute You may appeal for a ban appeal in the forums. No...